Sir Speedy PRINTING and Marketing Services, Pennsauken, NJ

Aston, Pennsylvania 0 comments

Sir Speedy Printing in Pennsauken, NJ does not deliver what they promise. They quoted me a price for my wedding invitations, telling me the price included EVERYTHING, INCLUDING addressing the outer envelopes. When I followed up with them a few days later, they then basically told me that outer envelopes were NOT included in the price. They said the following to me in an email:

"Sorry ---. We started off on the wrong foot and I see problems going forward. I have decided not to pursue your business. Please find another printer to print your invitations."

These people lied to me and totally misled me causing me even more work! When I tried to respond to the message above, my emails wouldn't go through. THEY BLOCKED MY EMAILS!

SIR SPEEDY in Pennsauken, NJ is not the printer to go to. Don't even bother. They are misleading and totally unprofessional.

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